Brians Homebuyers Guide

Before you decide to buy a house, be sure to check the following items, which has been compiled by Brian over his years of experience. This list is a great tool to help prepare for the process of buying your dream home, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer.

  1. Define Your Goals, Make a plan. Create two lists, one entitled “needs” and the other “wants”. Focus on these while you are researching potential properties.
  2. Contact a Professional Realtor Find a local agent that specializes in the type of property or area that you are looking into. Find an agent with a strong command of the buying process, knowledge of the local market, and a focus on the client.
  3. Meet With a Lender to Get Pre-Approved Never has their been so much opportunity with rates being the lowest in years and lender with less rigid mortgage guidelines.
  4. View a Variety of Homes and Make a Selection Simply know what you are looking for, refer back to the list you created in order to distinguish between those that fall short and the one that you ultimately decide upon.
  5. Make an Offer and Negotiate With the Seller Once your agent has written the offer, he or she will present it to the seller or the seller’s representative. Generally seller will either counter your offer, accept it or reject it.
  6. Secure Financing on the Property Once you have received the Pre-Approval based upon your credit worthiness and ability to re-pay your loan, the lender will need to approve the property in order to finalize your purchase and attach a loan to it.
  7. Closing the Deal Now there are only a few items between you and homeownership. Verification of down payment, obtaining a policy of title insurance, and conducting any inspections necessary to determine condition of the property.
  8. Close of Escrow Typically this date is pre-determined and written into the contract. It is when the recordation of the deed occurs. That could be anywhere from 30-60 days from making the original purchase offer.